Tormented by the unknown environment and messages on the wall that give the feeling of being watched, Glo is found in a strange world where everything is covered in darkness.

Using whatever light can be found and blind faith, Glo must try to find a way through the darkness to unravel the mystery and escape this nightmare.



Glo is a puzzle platformer where the majority of the world is hidden. Using blind faith, glowing projectiles and memory use your skill to escape the darkness. Provoked by writing on the wall the story unravels as the mystery of the environment is revealed.



A world shadowed in darkness full of secrets.

Pure abstract visuals designed to stretch the boundaries of imagination.

Atmospheric soundtrack blended with the environment and story to build a world of emotion.

Glo is a one of a kind experience that takes you on an emotional story of curiosity, wonder and fear. Glo combines the environment and story as one allowing you to reveal everything from nothing.

In a world where nothing is known, everything is a surprise.

For fans of Super Meat Boy and INK.



“Hell of a lot of fun to play… Masterful level design.”

“I’ll say this firsthand: Glo is one of the hardest games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing… Glo allowed me to exert my gaming chops with its enticingly brutal difficulty, something not many games can do now-a-days… Exhilarating challenge.”
7/10 – Keen Gamer

“It’s very much like Thomas Was Alone meets Super Meat Boy.”


GLO will be playable at the PLAY Expo Manchester on 14th and 15th October. There will also be chances to win a free copy.


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Coming Soon on Steam